SEA kayaks



Racy deck styling and a bright finish to turn heads and have you zipping across the water.

The flat bottom hull and low chines create a lot of stability and a low draft that makes it fast and responsive. Roomy enough to carry your gear for the day in the rear storage compartment.


Length 366cm, Width 60cm, Depth 31cm, Cockpit 97x51cm, Rear Hatch 68Ltr, Weight 18kg, Capacity 113kg


Literally a short sea kayak, the Mercury has all it takes to travel far in a size that allows for easy carrying and storage, perfect for those not wanting a long kayak. Deck rigging and large storage hatches allow easy stowage. Easy to use rudder system and a multi-chine hull make this kayak fast and agile.


Length 386cm, Width 62cm, Depth 32cm, Cockpit 78x50cm, Front Hatch 72Ltr, Rear Hatch 87Ltr, Weight 19kg, Capacity 125kg



Features: Adventure Contour Fit Outfitting System & thighbraces, Adjustable footbrace, Thermolite, neoprene sealed front & rear hatch covers, Minicell sealed aft bulkhead, Easy drain system, Fore structural minicell flotation pillar, Bow & back shockcord storage, Optional Rudder

SPECIFICATIONS: length 13’/ 396 cm; width 24.5"/62 cm; depth 13"/33 cm; weight 55 lbs/ 25 kg; cockpit rim 31.75" x 18.75"/ 81 x 48 cm; bow hatch 15.5" x 9.5"/ 39 x 24 cm; stern hatch 21.75" x 12.75"/ 55 x 32 cm; stern vol 23 US gal / 87 L; capacity. 300 lbs / 143 kg


With a pronounced rocker, thin ends and multi-chine hull, the Meridian has a lively style and hull speed usually found in 18footers. Agile and with superb glide. Full deck rigging and hatches, very comfortable seating, perfect for long days or multi-day expeditions.


Length 442cm, Width 58cm, Depth 31cm, Cockpit 78x50cm, Front hatch 64Ltr, Rear Hatch 106Ltr, Day Hatch 19cm, Weight 20kg, Capacity 136kg


The Dimension flies like a bullet, yet is amazingly comfortable and easy to handle. Shallow V-Hull and low chines provide stability in rougher water. The low deck is fully rigged, front and rear storage compartments and a small day hatch. Its time to go exploring!


Length 472cm, Width 55cm, Depth 29cm, Cockpit 78x50cm, Front hatch 65Ltr, Rear Hatch 90Ltr, Day Hatch 19cm diameter, Weight 21kg, Capacity 159kg


A great all round touring kayak with excellent stability and easy handling. The Breakwater is ideally suited for new adventurers through to experienced adventurers.



  • 2 sealed compartments
  • Adjustable seat and backrest
  • Bungee deck rigging
  • Safety deck lines

Specifications: Length: 472cm, Width: 58cm, Max capacity: 140kg, Weight: 26.5kg, Deck height: 43cm, Cockpit length: 82cm, Cockpit width: 40cm



The finest "Everyday Sea Kayak" available.

This kayak is fast and light and durable. Its chined hull reduces hull deflection and makes it easy to track and hold your line in rougher water or when surfing down a wave.

Vacuum formed seat, Ladderlock adjustable thermoform backrest, adjustable thighbraces and seat. Designed for speed and comfort, this kayak will take you anywhere. Comes in Basic, Expedition (X) and Expedition with Day Hatch (DHX)

Length: 4.67m, Width: 58cm, Weight: 24kg, Cockpit: 88 x 47cm, Max Load:150 kg



Designed for the touring paddler who seeks out a boat to champion themselves into the next levels of their adventures. The Journey offers speed, stability and comfort for paddlers looking to push their adventures to greater heights. This kayak utilizes best-in-class design techniques in edge control, something very important rarely found in 14 foot type touring boats. Whether you are paddling just for the day or for several days, the Journey is fantastic.


JOURNEY 14 •Length: 14′ 0″, •Width: 24.5″, •Max Deck Height: 13.5″, •Bow Height: 16″, •Stern Height: 11 3/4″, •Cockpit Length: 36″, •Cockpit Width: 19 1/4″, •Rear Hatch (oval) : 16 1/4″ long X 11 3/8″ wide (oval), •Front Hatch: 9 3/8″ diameter, •Day Hatch: 5 1/2″ diameter, •Weight: 60 lbs with rudder