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E.J. s DVDs

Kayak world champion and Boat designer, Eric Jackson (E.J.) has a selection of instructional DVD's to cover many aspects of kayaking skills.

Below is just a sample:

E.J.s Strokes and Concepts

The most comprehensive instructional program in history on the skills of maneuvering your kayak just got better in this brand new edition of EJ?s Strokes and Concepts program. Whether you want to watch the program as a full course, or ?A La Carte? is up to you. Over 120 minutes of intense but fun instruction from EJ himself. An incredible cast of paddlers, starting with EJ?s kids (Emily and Dane) give you all of the examples done in good form. Each skill has its own chapter on the DVD. So watch at your leisure. Don?t forget to bring it to work

E.J.s Rolling and Bracing

The most effective method to learn the kayak roll and kayak brace is also the most fun. This program teaches you how to roll and brace in flatwater first. Then it teaches you how to improve your roll and brace, whether you are an advanced kayaker and miss the occasional roll while playboating or river running, or you just want to get a great roll before you test it in the whitewater. EJ has created the "You can roll in 15 minutes program" and brings it to you in a very visual as well as verbal delivery that will have you rolling in no time.

E.J.s River Running Basics

Three time World Champion, Olympian, and founder of the World Kayak Federation, Eric Jackson, will teach you how to have a great time running rivers safely! Lifetime kayaker and world squirt boat champion, Clay Wright, heads up the best practical safety program of all time showing you just how to keep your self out of trouble. This is the most comprehensive instructional program on equipment, logistics of river running, practical safety skills and knowledge, river reading and running skills ever assembled. We teach you the lingo of kayaking, all of the 5 major features you?ll encounter, and how to easily recognize and use them on your way down the liquid conveyor belt called a river. See some of the beautiful rivers of the Southeast USA, where EJ and Clay call home. The Tellico, North Chic, Chattooga, Nantahalla, and Tallulah Rivers, and more provide our outdoor classrooms. Filmed and edited entirely by award winning videographer Chris Emerick; you will enjoy the high quality of the audio, video, and the packaging of the information to make your learning experience as enjoyable and rapid as possible..

EJ's River Running - Advanced

Finally, you can prepare yourself properly to run class 3, 4, and 5 whitewater BEFORE you run it! Let three time World Freestyle Champion, Extreme Champion, and Olympic slalom racer, Eric Jackson show you the right way to do approach your river running.

E.J.s Playboating Basics

90 minutes of detailed instruction on playboating from the ground up. Twice as much instruction as the 2003 version of EJ?s Playboating, this DVD is worth adding to your library. The videos were filmed on location in Uganda on the White Nile River and in Zambia on the Zambezi River. Whether you want to learn to get vertical in flatwater, spin in a hole, back surf a wave, or do your first loop or cartwheel, this video is for you. Advanced boaters will benefit from the basics program by learning the rules and fundamentals that are needed for a strong foundation of playboating skills that will break through any plateau and allow you to dive deeper into the Advanced moves quickly. There are four main sections to the instruction, each with separate chapters that allow you to get right to the move you are interested in easily. Flatwater moves, hole moves, wave moves, and downriver moves. Filmed and edited by Chris Emerick. Written and produced by EJ

E.J.s Playboating Advanced

90 Minutes of Advanced Playboating instruction with twice as many moves as in 2003! Yes, catch up with the times and learn more fun moves to add spice to your day on the water and impress your friends too! Starting where ?Basics? left off this DVD has tons of awesome moves, old and new to learn. Many moves that you aren?t yet doing, are easier than expected, and you will learn how with this DVD. Super Slow motion frames that expose the details of what is going on and what you need to do to fly higher, twist faster, and go bigger than ever before! Filmed and Edited by Chris Emerick. Produced and written by EJ.