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Hotel Charley - No Big Names

For the fourth No Big Names film, veteran expedition kayaker Ben Stookesberry teams up with fellow Oregon Kayaker Jesse Coombs for a series of epic adventures in Colombia, Chiapas and Brazil. In Hotel Charley Jesse and Ben raise the bar significantly, attempting a series of incredibly complex and challenging exploratory descents and some huge waterfalls.

Hotel Charley 2 River of Doubt

The next level of expedition kayaking premieres in the latest film from class V exponent Ben Stookesberry. Inspired by Theodore Roosevelt's watershed expedition to the River of Doubt, this film depicts the state of river exploration nearly a century later. Rapelling 60 meters through shear jungle gorges in Veracruz, Mexico; Tiptoeing between militant hot zones in Antioquia, Colombia; plummeting 23 meters on the isolated Rio Patria in Costa Rica; and encountering other worldly culture and massive rivers in Arunachal Pradesh, India are all part of the game in this search for the ultimate whitewater experience.

Hotel Charley 3 - The lost world

Join 2007 "National Geographic Adventure Heroes" Ben Stookesberry and Jesse Coombs along with an international group of ultra-talented paddlers on their first descents of wild, free-flowing "Lost World" rivers.


From the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland, the extremely remote Twang Region of India, and the soon-to-be-dammed inner gorge of Brazil's longest river, the Rio San Francisco, the group must draw on their most formidable skills to tackle some of the world's most challenging expeditions. Jam-packed with entertaining bonus features, including a Class V crash-course for writer Thayer Walker.

Hotel Charley 4 - At your own risk

This is a uniquely profound film of first descents run in Central and South America: Antioquia Colombia, Minas Gerais Brazil and Chiapas Mexico. Hotel Charley began as a two month expedition to tell the story behind the inimitability of each country visited. I think Ben describes it best when he said “this is probably the craziest part… I simply choose to revisit the two hardest and most spectacular rivers in two of the most dangerous places on earth. Placing one descent on each side of a month long expedition to still unknown canyons of interior Brazil seemed like a fitting centerpiece to the most spectacular kayaking expedition I could dream up. I am still amazed that it all came to fruition."